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__0 wrote (edited )

This already exists it’s called a criminal record, and credit score.

The combination of the two already excludes people from getting employment and and taking out loans in North America…

When so much of the Economy is based on credit not having access to a kind of credit or a credit card excludes people from making essential larger purchases that they will never be able to buy on the spot, if you don’t have a good credit score you have to rely on credit that is much more exploitive interest rates, therefore making participation in a credit based economy more expensive for the poor and marginalized…

Even finding an apartment or rental housing land lords ask for a credit score, so if you chose not to participate in the credit economy, or chose not to pay back fines, student loans etc, you will not be legible for the housing.

In a system where you need to often spend money on schooling unrelated to the employment, and where diplomas are often requirements for entry level jobs, Or people who have loaned tens of thousands of dollars for schooling, only to be faced with an employment field that favours the most privileged. Schooling is often essentially used as an indicator of ability to be obedient in a hierarchical system, and private schooling an indication of being fit to mingle with the higher classes.