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moonlune wrote

if it's a text file can't you just copy-paste the text?

I use which is said to be anonymous but they haven't published their source code (yet?) so it's kinda meh if you're scared of the government snooping on your stuff.


mima wrote

You can also use and which have their source code available. The downside is that their retention time is longer (minimum of 30 days, maximum of 1 year), but you can email them or PM them in IRC for your file to be deleted.


asterism OP wrote

Well yeah but who wants a text playlist? My thought was making an actual listenable playlist.

I connect to raddle only via tor so my main concern is making a playlist anonymously without being compelled to create an account that would link to me. I couldn't imagine spotify or google letting me connect via tor (though admittedly I didn't try). Though I found a solution to that.

I am probably overly paranoid especially because my identity probably isn't really all that secret but whatever I just want the illusion you know.

Maybe I'll check out wormhole.


asterism OP wrote

I figured out a solution to my playlist issue. Did you know you can make an invidiujs account? I didn't anyway those dont require an email or nothing and they allow you to make playlists. Alternatively you can also use a url that youtube provides that allows you to make unlisted playlists without logging in.