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Well, it’s the first real fight I’ve ever been it’s been an interesting day to say the least.

I was taking a short break from work, and used the washroom at a local infoshop, to fill my water bottle, The heat is brutal where I am right now, and it I used a small amount of water in my hair and on my arms to cool down. This guy comes up to me and tells me that he’s going to beat the shit out of me, and accuses me of masturbating in public and touching myself (???) when I explain that I’m just putting a little water on myself so I can cool down and that I’m just taking a short break from work, and that if he thought I was doing something he must have misunderstood, he claims that I spat on his girlfriend,

Having this stranger in a red hoodie inches from my face, I’m now at the point of looking to check if this guy is about to pull out a knife or something, and I keep trying to explain that I was just minding my business as he is becoming increasingly aggressive, right as they are coming at me I punch them in the face, they take a few swings at me and take a step back, obviously a bit dazed, at this point, I am yelling at them to leave me alone, that I don’t know who they are, stay away from me etc. they start coming back in this goofy boxing pose hopping around with his fists up saying they are going to beat the shit out me, they come towards me and I hit them a few more times with the hard edge of a clipboard I was using for some of my paperwork, they grab my shirt and drag me between two parked cars and almost into oncoming traffic, and beat on me for a bit, I’ve been working in direct sunlight all day, and have gotten a couple hits to the head, so I’m a little disoriented, but after a blocking a few more punches and continuing to fight the guy in the hoodie who is probably pretty sore from getting whacked pretty hard in the head a few times and probably getting kind of tired from fighting someone who obviously isn’t backing down or being threatened by them, by this point there’s a crowd of people, and some people filming etc, I think the guy gets the impression that it’s not a very good scene and leaves. I turn around and realize that this whole time I was in front of a community police station, i go in to get out of the heat and they ask what happened and if I want to file a report with the police, I’m like no I’m not really interested in that since I’m pretty much fine, and I just hope that guy in the red hoodie isn’t just going to continue going around threatening random people, some cops come in and question me and i tell them that I’m fine just a little phased, and that I’m not interested in filing a report. I talk to the people I’m working with and it’s just kind of hard to return to the work I was doing after all that especially with how shakey I was after such a rush of adrenaline, so my boss gives me the rest of the day off.



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monday wrote

Sorry to hear that, hope you get well soon , this shit can trigger anxiety


moonlune wrote

What a miserable POS.

Good job keeping yourself safe and standing your ground!

I hate cellphones.


capitan wrote

Gosh adrenaline leaves me so nauseated once I come down. That sounds really frightening, I hope you are feeling better now.


veuzi wrote

What a prick. Good thing you're okay and you didn't back down. Men who pick fights with random people are the worst.


ziq wrote

someone put an infoshop next to a cop shop?


__0 OP wrote

They definitely admitted the irony when they opened, really really cheap rent apparently… it’s funny seeing al the acab posters in their window right beside the community policing station’s window (not a real police station)