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Potkea wrote (edited )

RIP 107a.

Hope you can re-join as 107b or 108a or smthn.

EDIT: Maybe the admins suspended u bc they think ur ziq


ChaosAnarchy wrote (edited )

eh you can avoid those bans easily. I've been banned like 8 times already, with them getting me insta banned twice. Just tweaked my browser settings a bit and removed a few addons (or added) and I always create a user in a super different browser (like Brave)

also when you change hardware completely you are usually free to create accounts again cuz their detection is shit

all I do is is not to post in one regional subreddit because those liberals are deep into the admin's pockets, to the point that they had dinner with spez.

reddit really is a corrupt site, they don't follow their own moderator guidelines. Too big subreddits literally always break their guidelines because they can't do a healthy community, in other words hand out fair bans etc. /r/worldnews for example just insta bans you for no reasons and won't unban you.


Joshuafall wrote

They mean us to be gone so we're gone. Also, I believe, the less crazy admins are on their summer vacation. Just the craziest ones are still at work. They are proving themselves by random bans.