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otherreposter wrote

It is trivially true that the anarchist movement needs all kinds of people in order to survive, let alone thrive. It is also true, though perhaps less trivially, that contemporary anarchism is supersaturated with intellectuals and "knowledge workers" to the exclusion of farmers, artisans, craftspeople, and skilled laborers of all sorts, to say nothing of architects, engineers, and physicians. Many if not most of these anarchists spend their time talking and writing about anarchism at an extremely high level of abstraction that completely sidesteps vital practical questions--i.e., questions about how the anarchist societies of the future will organize themselves to ensure that peoples' basic needs are met, as opposed to disquisitions over revolutionary praxis in the here and now. We need to put down our books and pick up tools--or, better, to have books in one hand and tools in the other.


gone_to_croatan OP wrote

I agree with this critique a lot, but to open it pitching a "need for survive" of Anarchism is illogical as my view of Anarchism as raw Anarchy(I won't elaborate).

And the proposed solution is the same discussion Anews topic of the week: "Book or Brick" - for me is always both..

Shout out to Chisel&Grumples, MAX Resolution, Octox and all thee ones I forgot


gone_to_croatan OP wrote

Maybe the problem is the lack of proper communication/ put in simple words


lettuceLeafer wrote

Nah I get what u mean. It reminds me of the tao in a way. It's something u really can't exain simply unless u know then it's pretty obvious.


ukuleleclass wrote

exactly why i’m studying urban farming :) hopefully i get to learn welding soon !