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lettuceLeafer wrote

don't worry too much about it tbh. It is usefull to know but a lot of it is written by people who get off on being paraoid bc it feels like they are doing something useful. In this day and age if ur in a 1rst world country u can say mostly whatever u want and not get COUNTERINTELPROd. I mean if ur gonna rob a bank or whatevs yeah good idea but its not necessary unless u do crime.


deeppurplehazedream wrote

At least read the WIKI Practice Good Security Culture to Protect Your Identity. For example, 1. you-should-not-trust-people-you-meet-on-this-platform


lettuceLeafer wrote (edited )

That only applies if you are using tor. If you aren't using tor thats like having a wall with a open gate. Its a complete farse that makes people think they are more private when they aren't. And the average person isn't logging into tor. So my point still stands.

If they aren't protecting their identity from the get go with tor then its very silly to start after their identity is allready probably pretty easy to get due to IP being public knowlege.

Edit: mostly I'm just protesting bc I think revealing personal info is something quite beneficial as its not super uncommon for people to be distressed due to being alone. So having a low standard of security culture has many benefits. Sure it is important but like for the average user it isn't and is just a detriment in my eyes. Mostly letting government intrusion win due to bad risk assesment. I mean I'm prob pretty easy to figure out who I am. Which in fairness if I didn't do that I would rarely use this site which I think would be a detriment.

So idk, there is nothing wrong with security culture and its good to read but its more academic for most people and not important or time sensitive. I think pushing it as something that is important for everyone is a problem.