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potatoes wrote

Good thing you picked a real day. People out there talking about Mondays and Saturdays and shit are on one. How am I supposed to acknowledge a fake day?


fortifiedmischief wrote

ohhhhhhhhhh r.i.p. the friendliest name but tuesday is an underrated day so it deserves some attention its true


tuesday OP wrote

when I was picking my name I very seriously considered going by tuesday but went with something else. instead i can be tuesday online.


thekraken wrote (edited )

Just avoid Thursday or someone will think you're a viking-fetishizing white supremacist.


tuesday OP wrote

wait whaaaat?


thekraken wrote

The joke is that Thursday = Thor's Day. And the neonazi fucks loooove them some asatru / norse stuff.


Fool wrote (edited )

Well... then Saturday is the only day not based on Germanic Mythology (Norse and Angles were both Germanic). All seven were Roman, but most were changed to local equivalents.

Sunday = Sunna/Sol Goddess of the Sun
Monday = Mani God of the Moon
Tuesday = Tiw/Tyr God of War
Wednesday = Woden/Oden Supreme God
Thursday = Thur/Thor God of Thunder
Friday = Frig/Frigg Goddess of Marriage
Saturday = Saturn Roman God of Time (and God of the "Golden Age" before Civilization)