Submitted by aabbaabb in lobby

Had some unpleasant dreams I'd like not to share, but I finally woke up.

I turn to grab my phone, unlock it then I'm browsing some stuff.

Wait. Why is it pitch black? How am I browsing my phone when all I'm seeing is pitch black?

Oh I'm still dreaming. Ok wake up now. I wake up, turn to my phone, and browse some stuff.

A moment later I realize it's all still pitch black, and I'm still dreaming.

This kept going for a few times. What's happening? I'm awake aren't I? I try to forcibly open my eyes, I can't open them.

Confused, I get up, then move my body a bit, maybe that will help.

I realize I still haven't got up, I was just dreaming about getting up. Why is this happening? I try to move my arms, I can't move them.

Then try to move my legs and feet, nothing. I try to make a sound, shout, scream. Nothing is working.

The only thing that seemed to work is manually breathing, so I try to breathe more heavily. I kept on breathing heavily and trying to move my body until, for real this time, I wake up.

I calm down for a bit then get up and have breakfast, then I went back to my bed to check my phone.

Notifications are the same as that dream I've just had. Must have woken up, checked them, then went back to sleep again.

I thought I'd like to share this story here, but as I was typing the post, I wake up.



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