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Majrelende wrote

I think Raddle isn't much more or less active than it used to be-- there have been times of more or less activity, but they usually fade. Maybe a little less though.

People might not like that it is smaller-- they gravitate toward places with more activity, Reddit for instance. There also isn't a lot of drama and active debate here, compared to other places, since people tend to have relatively similar views, and those who lean more towards milder forms of anarchy and quasi-anarchy can more easily go over there.

There also is a difference between the userbase and the influence. I am sure there are many more people who lurk here without having an account, and who are interested but don't have much to say. That was how I was at first, and how many might say. Maybe we can keep these people in mind in the future while posting.

I am fine with having a relatively small userbase, as I like being able to know a bit about the personalities of other people here, at least in the rudimentary fashion that digital communication makes possible.