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and the only anarchist LARPer. This sad fact normally doesn't bother me much, but I can't even make friends, let alone date or do anything else social, without feeling like I'm compromising parts of myself. I am always being asked to make concessions, without the same being done for me. It irks me that my want of a less cruel world is seen as too big of an ask for many.

I wish more people cared about life on this planet. I'm as selfish and lazy as they come, but I figured the bare minimum I could do is to try and minimize the violence I inflict on others (human or otherwise) with small acts of "rebellion." I may not have the power to destroy industrial agriculture, but I can at least annoy the meat eaters surrounding me with my sneering disapproval.

Does being an anarchist make you feel lonely in a decidedly un-anarchist world? At times, I am emboldened by a rampant contrarian streak (I like to like things no one else likes), and then, at times, I am left disillusioned by the monumental amount of enemies I have chosen to declare. I could use an anarchist friend. I think we all could. For now, I have raddle. The size of this site's userbase means I'm probably not alone in being alone.



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Bezotcovschina wrote

I have better experience with vegans - I know a couple, but, yeah, I know no one IRL who would call themselves "anarchist" - that's ok, I guess, everyone else from my close friends are people that are rolling with me for a long time, and, despite them not calling themselves "anarchists", they views are more often than not are at least similar to mine.


moonlune wrote (edited )

yeah I feel you. How can people not care? I can understand people not wanting to learn about anarchism because of propaganda, and not caring about animal liberation either because it's what they've done since forever and not looking further into it. But climate change has been in the limelight for so long that people should have at least researched a little how to reduce their individual carbon footprint and tried to do something about it, making them plant-based at least!

The only answer is that people don't care, which is something I can't compute.

If it's available in your part of the world you could try using tinder and veggly to make vegan and anarchist friends (if not lovers). On tinder use 🌱 and 🏴 in your bio for vegans and anarchists to recognize you. I met an anarchist on veggly recently but it didn't go anywhere mostly because of me.