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i made an account cause it's not like i've anything better to do so sorry if i'm saying anything wrong idk

i'm amab but i've been questioning my gender for a while so call me alice and use the pronouns she or they if you make fun of me i guess

in 2021 i started calling myself an anarchist but eventually i realized that some of my positions (similar to a lot of the so called anarchists on reddit) weren't really compatible with that so i switched to calling myself a libertarian socialist/communist. recently i visited this place and i thought you ppl were being too extreme but i kinda realized i can't really argue against a lot of this stuff which has been kinda jarring to me. so i'm leaning more towards actual anarchism now and i guess i also accept some anti civ arguments cause i haven't seen a convincing argument against that (though i am not at all happy abt that).



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moonlune wrote (edited )

(though i am not at all happy abt that)

hahaha I can sympathize with the "oh shit the anticivs are right... FUCK!" phase.


[deleted] wrote


idkalice OP wrote (edited )

i wanted to post a picture of sid meier and say i hate him


tubers wrote

Asking the real questions... Should I stop building civic centers in 0ad?


tuesday wrote (edited )

hey Alice, welcome.

we do tend to make fun of each other here, but we also don't tolerate misgendering.

feel free to ask whatever questions you have!


ziq wrote (edited )

I don't vibe with the declare your pronouns trend personally. Unless a pronoun is offered, everyone should just use 'they' as the default pronoun. Enforcing pronouns is almost as bad as assuming gender imo. Some people aren't comfortable declaring a pronoun to strangers for various reasons. Some people can be triggered just having to choose a pronoun.


Bezotcovschina wrote


I'm so glad raddle has that "default to 'they'", otherwise I would have rather anxious time deciding what pronouns to put in the bio


tuesday wrote

Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I'm sorry for not being more thoughtful about people's experiences with gendering themselves and the ways that might be stressful. I'll be more mindful in the future.


tuesday wrote

valid points, i edited my comment to remove the mention of putting pronouns in their bio.


lettuceLeafer wrote

Welllll excuse me, wanting to be the anarchist version of jabba the hutt is actually super reasonable and based thank you very much. I'm extremely offended and will never forgive you for this grave insult unless ur vegan. bc I"m a reasonable person. /j


ziq wrote

What are some of the extreme positions you've noticed here?


idkalice OP wrote

oh sorry i was being too vague, i just meant the anticiv and being actual anarchists stuff, but like i said i kinda agree with that now.


ziq wrote

I'm just curious how outside observers perceive the site and its content.