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blowbelow OP wrote

Reply to comment by Fool in My boring introduction by blowbelow

Take the 10 commandments - perfectly reasonable as recommendations to not live in mental anguish - but as soon as they're decreed by the divine, they become devoid of the original intent.

To be completely honest, I don't get the analogy. However even when I identified as an Anarchist I always believed in the concept of having certain conditions/expectations. Primarily the expectation to not infringe on another’s liberty and a consequence to occur if that were to happen. The consequence can be reparations, mediation, rehabilitation, ostracization, etc.


Fool wrote (edited )

Consequences are fine, that's how relationships work.

Putting in fixed rules with specific arbiters, punishments, etc. is the pathway to consolidation of power.

With consolidated power comes Grey Squirrels, and ultimately a fight for survival.


On a similar topic, the problem with "democratic" anarchy isn't in the voting or even in representation - the problem is in having a fixed system which is not suited to most decision making processes, and will continue to operate once it is clear that it is no longer working. If there are rifts in a society, societies should split and fragment before reforming organically rather than maintain some sort of nebulous Community.

Edit: I'm Fool, I'm not really what should be considered an example of "Anarchism".