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I finally decided to join because I'm tired of reddit admins defending literal neo-nazis and allowing tankies to fuck over leftist subreddits with their bullshit. I'm known on there as /u/egstein01, but I'm naming this account to something I'd want if I could rename there.

Generally I consider myself as an Pacifist AnSynd, but I'm probably not 100% sure. I generally loath the sympathies of states capitalism existing, but I'd prefer that they'd be removed with minimal to no violent acts. I strongly dislike the current state of copyright, and I frequently pirate shit by the corporations that run this shithole or use free software alternatives.

For the Idpol, I'm 19, autistic, go by he/him, asexual as fuck, and have an obsession with Radiohead and the crinjey animal peepol (upboats plz). I'm hoping I can make a subraddle for anarchist furs called "MaulTheRich" and I'm so fucking ready to lynch my sister's landlord (in Minecraft).



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Styx wrote

Welcome, welcome! We are mostly post-left and anti-civ here, so you might encounter some cynicism about syndicalism and pacifism. I'm too old to know what animal peepol is and too scared to google it, so I can't say how that will be received. But unless it's porn, which is not allowed here, it should be fine.

Other than that, I'd say you came to the right place


ziq wrote

We are mostly post-left and anti-civ here

I don't think that's true


tuesday wrote

hi! we're always glad to see new folks.


tubers wrote

I'd prefer that they'd be removed with minimal to no violent acts

Me too, bud. Countless mornings I've asked myself, "how do you get 67 senators to abolish the senate"? Only answer I could come to was "brick by brick".


moonlune wrote

Hi welcome make yourself at home :)

furries are welcome on raddle! IIRC you'll have to wait a little to be whitelisted to make a forum but it probably won't take more than a few days, which leaves you the time to get used to us :)


Bezotcovschina wrote

Hi! We might look a bit rough around edges, but, at least, we do have really sharp edges.


Fool wrote

It's true!

I've been using the same disposable razor for over a year... I sharpen it every time I kill someone shave.


Fool wrote

removed with minimal to no violent acts

Violence breeds violence
Oppression breeds retaliation
And only a cleansing of our whole society
Can remove this sickness from our souls

  • This is sampled in a song, so I don't know where it originally comes from. I could probably look it up, but I will not.

A society free from oppression cannot be achieved through violence. Destruction will always lead to more destruction, eventually civilization will reap what it has sowed.