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If anyone would like to meet up to look for skips or foraging sites, or whatever else, in various places around the UK, this long weekend, just let me know :)

I'm going to be in Chester in the day on Friday and Monday.

Then the North of London for a few hours on Friday night and Monday morning.

Then in Cambridge for the weekend.


Resources I use for frugal travel

I could have hitched but hitching in England and anywhere near London sucks, so I searched for public transit using, I found a £25 ticket with FlixBus, and found out it could have been £15 from one side of the country to the other if I could have left on a Wednesday and returned on a Wednesday.

For not getting lost I've been using google maps to find the fastest road routes, then tweaking them with to create the fastest partially off-road routes, then using the free version of the phone app to know that I'm still on the path and heading in the right direction.

As well, I use google maps to find wild camping spots because it has pictures random people took integrated into the map. This is something I intend to do on anonymous accounts myself in future with:

Finally, feel free to join my UK Freegans discord server, where we try to keep information updated on various free item locations:



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