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If I could work retail or as a server or even warehouse it would be very easy. But I can't due to a physical limitation I have which won't let be on my feet much more than an hour. I thought remote data entry is was no-brainer but all of them seem to require actual set hours which interfere with my current job. (Why you need set hours for data entry is beyond me)

I basically have three options available to me. one. I could do gig work like doordash or something. It seems undesirable to me because the wear on the car and the pay is garbage but at least I have flexibility of hours.

Second is I work as the receptionist at a hotel. Most dont post their hours on the job posting but it would be likely overnights like 2-3 days a week high probability of working weekends and its likely I would work 16 hrs straight between that and my full time job on those 2-3 days. not sure if I could handle it honestly. Plus wife would probably be mad because kids wouldnt get to see me.

Third actually sounds ok. A seasonal job at an apple orchard driving people around on a tractor. Itd be 8 hrs Saurday Sunday so no weekend for me (wife will probably be mad about it) Big problem there is that it requires experience driving a tractor so I'd have to fake that I know how to drive a tractor (or learn real quick)

I was hoping for a job I could do weekday nights right after my job but it doesnt seem to line up for me. Was going to get this staffing agency to help me but I only ever get the agents voicemail which is frustrating.



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asterism OP wrote

Oh and because at least one person has to be wondering they have tractors "ranging from a Massey Ferguson 65 to a new John Deere 5090GN"


loukanikos wrote

Is there anything you can make and sell? Its not that hard to sell stuff on Etsy. People are buying all kinds of easy stuff on there. Christmas ornaments, seasonal decorations, even flower seeds, plant cuttings, and stuff. I sell seeds on there myself. I also know a few people who buy stuff of craigslist and then sell it online.

I've also noticed a lot of people selling homemade candles at huge markup at farmer's markets -- same for simple stuff like jellies and preserves. Getting into a farmers market normally is a yearlong process. However, assuming you are in US, state level cottage laws could allow you to sell preserves incl. jellies, but even hot sauce, pickles, etc like directly from your house (this could mean on facebook or craigslist even). Pretty cheap to do something like this main cost is the upfront cost of the jars. Make some "cool" or "funny" labels, whip up some hot sauce or pickles, do a batch or two on the weekend, then post in local craiglist or even on bulletin boards at grocery stores that you are selling organic shit or whatever and people might be into it.

Just some ideas to make the best of the time you have available. Obviously the best scenario here would be to get paid more or to need less money if you can make either of that happen (but I assume its not that easy).


lettuceLeafer wrote

I can teach u the basics of how driving tractors work if u can't find resources online. FYI, those two tractors do drive quite differently but its not that big of a deal lol.


asterism OP wrote

Honestly I think wife's going to veto it she wants me to find somethinf that I dont think exists honestly.

Big concern, if I go that route, is that I dont know anyone with a tractor so I wont be able to practice what I learn on youtube or whatever until starting day.


lettuceLeafer wrote (edited )

I don't know about the john deere personally but I have driven a very similar model of massey ferguson. They are like piss easy to drive tractors. If you just say u are rusty as it has been like a couple years and u practice by going over all the functions of the tractors before hand ull be fine. Plus even seasoned tractor drivers take some time getting used to a new tractor as they all have different levers and drive differently.

Tho I would say, maybe learning how to drive heavy equipment when allready working a lot and I know one of those tractors is cabless so while the hot sun is beating on u and u are trying to learn a bunch of new skills might not work that great tbh.

If its something u wanna do I think u could pull it off if determined but its wouldn't be my first option in ur situation. oh and if I were you I would go to like a tractor for sale place, then just pretend to be buying one. THey won't let u drive it most certainly but u can sit in it and pretend to drive. Which would help a lot.


Fool wrote

I believe there's data entry type gig work on the internet.

A quick search showed a heap including listicles of best data entry gig websites.


asterism OP wrote

I don't know why but for some reason I am skeptical of gig work as a whole. But honestly it may be one of the better options in my scenario. I will have to look into it.


Fool wrote

I can't say I know anything about the work, I think generally it's paid by the word or something, so you actually have to work for the money, but it can add up quickly if you're a fast typist.


rot wrote

2 jobs sounds like hell sorry you're going through this