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deeppurplehazedream wrote

The U.S. supreme court decisions of the last couple days on gun control and abortion are ominous indeed. It just reminds me how reactionary the U.S is. Stay tuned for more disgusting decisions from the Republican majority supreme court. What 's next? Lesser-evilism is greater-evilism.


asterism wrote

There is a birds nest I think on our roof and three birds have fallen out of the nest and on our patio. Been a bit depressing frankly.

New work is going alright.looking at getting a second job its going to suck.

My laptop is broken (been broken awhile) and I am realizing that even my not computer related hobbies rely on my computer. Maybe I need to go a little more analog.


existential1 wrote

Rough friday. Let the summer of rage commence.


subrosa wrote

There's a direct correlation between my level of sleep-deprivation and the terribleness of my English. You could measure the hours I've been awake by the number of mistakes I make.

Like I'm 20 again, English feels alien. Once you notice my word order go full German, please say good night subrosa.


Styx wrote

Good English passé is. Norms subvert! Chaos embrace! Anarchy make! Some good sleep nonetheless get!

(Yup, all I know about German word order comes from nerds insisting that reading Kafka in German is an entirely different experience).