Submitted by Draco in lobby

I'm not going to post the actual work cause that would dox myself but I did a new series of work on the police brutality I have experienced as a trans person and need help coming up with subtle acab names for them.

One is about the nightmares I had in captivity- its all red and blue and chaotic so I was thinking something along the lines of Siren Nightmares but that makes me think of mermaids. Another is called Blue Hands referencing the nitrile gloves.

Help a guy out throw some euphemisms at me to brainstorm plz



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zoom_zip wrote

“portrait of a cop being eaten by crocodiles”


bloodrose wrote

One thing I've seen in memes lately that I really like is referencing that 40% of cops abuse their spouses. And the memes are usually a lie to get people to google 40% of cops so they can see the statistic themselves. I don't know if this title fits in with any of your current art work but I thought I'd share for future artistic ventures.