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Styx wrote

Why do you feel you need to apologise?


Oceandown OP wrote

I don't want them feeling sad (sad because rejected). I saw their appearance and spontaneous reject their offer. I want to apologize but don't have courage to take first step.


Styx wrote

Well being rejected might sting a little, but it's not the end of the world. Everybody goes through it. I'd say it's worse to date someone you are not into because then both parties suffer. So look at it like that -- you prevented a whole lot more hurt by stopping it right at the beginning. This is not something to apologise for. For all you know, they might not even care.


moonlune wrote

First u dont owe anything to anyone and you're not responsible for their sadness if you don't give them something you don't owe them.

Secondly if they're ugly af and still came up to you they're probably used to being rejected so it's alright :)


Majrelende wrote

As a whole, maybe you would feel better if you do decide to apologise.