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kano OP wrote (edited )

I came home from a short holiday to visit some friends and my partner. And I was sick this week with flu or covid and allergies after I came back. I quit my job this week and after I finish there I will go and visit my family for the first time since before the pandemic began.


Potkea wrote


Sorry abt your partner, though.


kano OP wrote

I think my bad writing made you a bit confused, my partner is fine, I was the one who was sick.


MarxistKropotkinistVaush wrote

It's my one month veganversary with only one slip up (I went on a date and the menu wasn't vegan friendly).


Dreiko wrote

I reconnected with some people I met at a protest recently and it was a beautiful moment


Majrelende wrote

There has been no water, for weeks and weeks-- only very recently has there been a significant amount of rain, for about an hour.


Potkea wrote

The big banks are the "state apparatus" which we need to bring about socialism, and which we take ready-made from capitalism; our task here is merely to lop off what capitalistically mutilates this excellent apparatus, to make it even bigger, even more democratic, even more comprehensive. Quantity will be transformed into quality. A single State Bank, the biggest of the big, with branches in every rural district, in every factory, will constitute as much as nine-tenths of the socialist apparatus. This will be country wide book-keeping, country-wide accounting of the production and distribution of goods, this will be, so to speak, some thing in the nature of the skeleton of socialist society.

- V. I. Lenin,

A witty German Social-Democrat of the seventies of the last century called the postal service an example of the socialist economic system. This is very true

- V. I. Lenin, Again

Why the hell do people take this guy seriously?


ziq wrote

Because they're social democrats too.