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anarchyintheyouuuk wrote

If you'd like to record a voice discussion or work on a text discussion, I'd be delighted.

I live in New Zealand so the time difference would make this difficult if not impossible. Also I'd be very wary of discussing my ideas with you over voice given that only last week you said on here that you hoped the admins of a website you didn't like got arrested and locked up. I suspect the person you were talking to previously about recording something dropped out for the same reason.


Ishkah OP wrote (edited )

I'm happy to stay up late to record something your morning time or whatever. Or we can just leave it as a text discussion.

If you don't mind using google just hit request editor role on this document or we can use Etherpad or some other document collaboration platform. I can't get disroot pad to run without it glitching though.

Also just a factual correction, I wrote that I had an intuitive feeling of disappointment that they didn't have enough evidence to conclusively connect anyone they arrested to a terror attack. I didn't say I was disappointed that they didn't have enough evidence to put them in prison for running a website, like I didn't mean I was disappointed they didn't have enough evidence to fraudulently connect anyone they arrested to a terror attack.

I felt that intuitive disappointment because I would like info on bus stop bombers to become publicly available so that they can be challenged by anarchists, just like I'm happy any time a fascist gets doxxed.

I understand the opposition to the consequentialist hypothetical I wrote after that though and I am sympathetic to it.