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hole_a_dig wrote

Dude, you banned people who pointed out you were supporting Ukraine, pointed out you just repeat western propaganda like a parrot unable to make a geopolitical analysis and vote manipulate using your army of pathetic alts.

Fuck both Ukraine, USA and Russia! Spooky bootlicker


ziq OP wrote

says the half-hour old alt who yesterday used a series of identically obtuse alts to attack genocide victims and belittle/downvote/witchhunt me for defending them

it's almost like you're everything you accuse me of being


granite wrote

Ban hammer at Raddle? Starting to feel like reddit/twitter here now. Sad to see that at the least Putin can read, he's definetly using "The Art of War" as a playbook, whilst people whom can't read at all (Biden) can't even find Ukraine on the map.


ziq OP wrote

yea rly, raddle really jumped the shark when it went after our free speech in 2022

let's all go to lemmy