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They meant it as a synonym to leftist, and it kind of caught me off guard haha, and I was like "I'm not really a liberal am I?" I started really splitting hairs over like different types of leftists etc but I think I just sounded chronically online so I decided it was probably best to just shut up...

That said it's hard to talk about politics when people can't agree on what terms mean.



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Potkea wrote

What caused them to call you a lib?


__0 OP wrote

Talking about someone they know that's really right wing, and also openly gay, and is super anti-mask and anti-vaccine, while I think the situation with covid is very different than it was over a year ago... I'd be open to talk to this person, and probably let them know why conservative politicians don't have their best interests at heart. And honestly idk if they are a conservative or a libertarian since I don't know much about them, but I guess I was having a bit of identity crisis and was like am I even left-wing? Since I feel so completely out of the loop with online political discourse nowadays that I don't even know what is considered your average leftist. And I mean being generally anti-civ post-leftist vague anarcho anti state stochastic illegalist in the sheets, but business/community space operating in the streets has me just a little confused ... I don't really read theory anymore even! Or talk about politics as much as I used to ...


moonlune wrote (edited )

that said it's hard to talk about politics when people can't agree on what terms mean.

Discussion would be so much simpler if we could have verbal asterisks that'd point to references on how we define our terms.


potatoes wrote

Wait goto statements in conversation are "simple"? I feel like you are punking me. Relevant xkcd.


moonlune wrote

OK I fixed it.

Discussion(*) would be so much simpler(**) if we could have verbal asterisks that'd point to references on how we define(***) our terms.

(*) actually I meant debates, but also discussions as a generalization of the idea I was trying to convey. However there needs to be a conflict and or a misunderstanding.

(**) can also be understood as shorter and that the previously mentioned conflicts would be faster to solve.

(***) Definitions change depending on the context, so we can't simply use a common dictionary.

Maybe I just suck at communication.


granite wrote

The how censorship is casting its dark shadow on a global scale I would shy lately of tagging yourself to strong opinions even if you are sat in the great country of the united states of murica. Soon all that data we'd all been wondering what they are going to do with is going to be used against us in ways never imagined by the common folk. I have noticed that being called liberal went from being scoffed off as weak, young, wet behind the ears. However, things have changed drastically. For the worst. Nowadays being called or admitting to being liberal is akin to a wide array of different sudden opions about yourself and how they should go forth conversing with you.