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Enkara OP wrote (edited )

Would you rather be immune to chemical weapons (tear gas, pepper spray, etc), sound weapons, and tasers OR be able to break windows using the power of your mind (any window may be broken, max range 15 meters, line-of-sight, 30 second cool-down after each broken window).


CasuallyCreative wrote

oh my god.

the ultimate antifa

i could punch so many nazis with the first power.


sudo wrote

Lol. I'd go with the first one, since that's more practical, but the second one would be pretty hilarious.


BlackFlagged wrote (edited )

Break windows. No mansion or copshop would be left alone. I'd be like a wandering warrior monk that ruins bourgies days.


Defasher wrote

Would you rather be a tankie or a liberal?


kestrel77 wrote (edited )

decent question, but i think i'd rather be a liberal. tbf it's more acceptable to be an ignorant lib, bc tankies should know better. also liberals have more friends.


[deleted] wrote (edited )


Telamon wrote

Do I have the necessary muscular skeletal system to and use support four arms effectively?


mofongo wrote

I already have four eyes, I'll go with four arms.


watermelon wrote

It'll be awesome being able to eat and play videogames at the same time, so I'm going with arms.


ziq wrote

Arms, 4 eyes will be confusing, seeing backwards and forwards at the same time.