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ziq wrote (edited )

Reply to comment by lettuceLeafer in Friday Free Talk by emoticons

anarchist thing where people have extremely obscure definitions of words that u can't possibly find in a dictionary 

I agree with this. Like the weird way a lot of anarchists define democracy as "people cooperating" rather than the actual definition; it being a form of majoritarianism government. Or how they insist 'consensus' (people talking) is a form of democracy. Or that anarchy means ultra-democracy. None of it makes sense to anyone not steeped in half-baked breadtube ideology.

Doesn't apply to the words wealth or power tho. Those definitions are pretty universal. Power can certainly be anarchistic in some contexts: self-empowerment, power to the people, the power of love, etc. But in the context of "to strengthen a family's wealth and power"? That sounds like brandishing authority so you and yours can climb the hierarchy and improve your lots in life at the expense of others.

You can't realistically accumulate wealth and power without exploiting all the people you climb over to get the wealth and power. It requires domination, coercion and the near-constant othering and dehumanising of all the people you'd need to use to get ahead (because that's how the game you're maneuvering to win is structured).

Power and wealth can only exist if the powerless and impoverished are denied those ​privileges. It requires rigid hierarchy. And the wealthy and powerful of course then heavily invest their energy into maintaining their wealth and power and making sure all threats to their social domination and monetization of property and people are rendered inert.

​it is hard to do anarchy when you're permanently in survival mode, true. When you have nothing, all your energy has to be devoted to getting your next meal.

But it's even harder to do anarchy if you have everything and thus everything to lose.


lettuceLeafer wrote

I didn't think I'd have people deconstructing A brief feeling I joked about. But Wierd but ok. By wealthly I was mostly referring to having enough money to not have to work and have some free savings to fund a project or help out a friend with rent to food or whatever. So like 2 people maybe having around a million dollars maybe a bit less than that. Which is a fuckin a lot of money compared to most poor people but like for America isn't exactly notable.


ziq wrote

I mean it's a forum filled with people who do nothing but deconstruct social relations and power dynamics everyday of their lives.