Submitted by loukanikos in lobby

Ok I did it again. I went to make something new and made like way way way too much. I was making kenyan ndengu with chapati. It came out really well but because I didn't understand the recipe correctly I made too much mung beans. These suckers really expand.

Last time I did this with black beans and I struggled for a while before asking for some ideas. So I am once again asking for your help to help me find creative usage for these beans.



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Tequila_Wolf wrote (edited )

This is my favourite mung bean recipe. It's meant to be loose, I usually skip the arad, put both ginger and garlic, skip the dhunia but put the jeero (cumin). And add a bit more of all those and the salt.


loukanikos OP wrote

do you prefer with rice or bread?


Tequila_Wolf wrote

Naan, jasmine rice or basmati rice all would be good. Depends if you're eating anything else with the meal. Rice if no, naan if yes.


yaaqov wrote

Throughout East Asia mung beans are largely considered to be an ingredient for dessert. You could try any number of sweet treatments if you have some left over after everything else.