Submitted by TheNerdyAnarchist in lobby

...having such a pathetic existence that you sit and wait, week after week after week, for registrations to open so you can create half a dozen spam accounts on the same website...over and over and over again.

Like...I would guess that they have a reminder set up or something, but something tells me that this is too important a part of their life to require an alarm.

"Every weekend, I wake up and go spam and harass Raddle users."

"Uh...okay? But what do you do to enrich your life or those of others?"

"I don't get it."



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SnowCode wrote

It's always the same people?


TheNerdyAnarchist OP wrote (edited )

Person. Singular.

Edit: I think...could be wrong.


ziq wrote (edited )

You're not wrong.


Banned for creeping on people in pms (I received complaints). But decided I banned them to censor them for talking about me, and has since been obsessively making alts using variations of my name, to accuse me of using alts (the irony) and mass downvote everyone while upvoting their alts.


ziq wrote (edited )

If someone who knows php has time, a welcome new Postmill feature would be to block new users or unwhitelisted users from pming people. I'm getting a lot of complaints that this troll is pming people harassment.

Also: new users shouldn't be able to downvote. I have to delete all their accounts to reverse the mass downvoting.


ziq wrote

Their last comment was removed for low key copjacketing, but I just restored it.



SnowCode wrote

Given the quantity of person that got pissed off by ziq's essays I think there are a lot ore than one. Just look at everytime r/anarchism shits about ziq + the-other-reddit-alternative-that-might-have-some-tankie-tendencies.


Tecate_Coyote wrote

it's when talking about these people that I remind myself of the bell curve in statistics. these people are like the anti-Ziq, NerdyAnarchist, TequilaWolf, etc. They've chosen to be the statistical bottom 1% that have chosen to break rather than build.

idk. breaks my heart that some human beings chose to actualize their latent potential into annoying nothing nonsense.


potatoes wrote (edited )

There is software that let's you detect when a webpage has changed. Basically it fetches the page on a timer and if it is different, sends an email or other notification.


TheNerdyAnarchist OP wrote

I guess that would just take a pretty simple shell script...just curl, diff, and something to fire off an email....