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Potkea wrote

Fuck exams. Fuck the school system for grooming kids into productive workers for 9-to-5 jobs.


emoticons OP wrote

ugh i can rel8 i hate productivity culture and the side gigs

also spicy take lol if u are use authority in your teaching you are most must b weak minded and pathetic bc u are coerce authority on school kids. like what kind of ppl need authority of kids, is pathatic ppl :/

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I'm gonna buy a sewing machine and become a fashion designer.


emoticons OP wrote

p cool, Are you making your own designs or imitation of some fashion era? :)



Well... So far i have cut up a towel and sewn it together as a shirt and added a left sleeve from some other shirt and a reversed zipper from a hoodie. Zipping from the neck down is a bit of a mindfuck.


Vulgar_Soda wrote

I got a call back on a job offer and I'm not excited at all. Oh, I'm sorry, thank you for the opportunity to go back into a covid land full of assholes. I really should figure out a way to work from home. I hate most people anyway. Yay old and bitter.


emoticons OP wrote

free talks stat of 168 nondeleted free talks

top 5 user who making the free talk


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annikastheory wrote

Whatever did happen to ThreadBot?


emoticons OP wrote (edited )

I think some1 ate it?? 😉but idk ask Fossidarity Edit some1 who knows selver? ig :)

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Tequila_Wolf wrote

I think some of the code was changed that broke or disallowed the bots at the time.


SnowCode wrote

I am in stress because I'll return to school soon (it's a really nice school tbh but social situation makes me stress a lot) my friends decided to make a "secret santa" that got delayed to monday and I hate those things. I'll also have to wake up at 6:30AM everyday, while I fucked up my sleep schedule during the holidays (sleeping at 4AM, waking up at 2PM) I'll also have to care about those shitty fuckin exams again.

Also, I didn't spend a good nice I debated about environment and almost got called an "eco-fash" (almost nothing could make me more pissed off) and I argued like a dumbass for a major part of the night -_-'