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Without getting too much into it, I've always felt I must carry the world on my shoulders. I felt I mus fix all of the worlds major problems. My therapist and I suspect this is a result due to trauma, but I won't get into that for now. Just recently I've been trying to rid myself of this belief- the idea that I personally am responsible for fixing everything.

But during this process, I feel I should not entirely give up on being an activist, even though I'm severely disabled. However I can't figure out what I could practically do while I have so much to sort out in my personal life. Does anyone have any simple ideas for what I can do to contribute to the world without having to dedicate all of my energy toward activism? Exactly who or what should I dedicate some of my energy to?



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lemon_grass wrote

Helping the people in your immediate sphere of influence, educating yourself and others, caring for yourself, maintaining proper boundaries in all relationships, write down a list of things you care about, keep all your goals small and manageable.


potatoes wrote

Just FYI on the down votes, there are people who hold a vendetta against this site. I would not take it personally they down vote everything.


SnowCode wrote

Seems like those have been banned or something since the downvotes disappeared.


deeppurplehazedream wrote

But during this process, I feel I should not entirely give up on being an activist

I don’t consider myself an activist by a long shot. Protesting? Volunteering? Writing? Posting on Raddle? To my mind almost anything can be activism. Maybe I’m a nihilist-activist? About the only thing I do is go to the uni and sit-in on discussion-oriented classes that I'm interested in and share my perspective now and then. This of course, requires cooperation from the class authority.


SnowCode wrote

I don't know what you like and what's your skills. I personally find very hard to meet new people, especially alone. So most of what I'm trying to do is online stuff. I try to make practical tutorials about some topics (mostly techs as I it's my main skill).

I don't know if you have friends that would be interested as well but I find it pretty hard to do stuff alone.


fool wrote

I want to backup what had been said here.

Your focus should match your interests - make it play not work.

Work out what you enjoy and think of ways to merge direct action into this activity. If you have an idea of an activity, and want suggestions I'm sure someone can think of something creative to do.

You put the world on your shoulders, do you enjoy the outcomes of helping others, or is it something that you're compelled to do but leaves you feeling used?


anarcho_thembo wrote

Let's have a conversation about it so that we can brain storm!

What do you enjoy doing? What do you do, not like a job, but like you as a whole human, what kinds of things bring you joy?


sunrat wrote

Talk/listen to people online who have mental problems and can't afford therapy. There are many sites/forums for that. This is a huge one right now.