Submitted by lettuceLeafer in lobby

U look like u vote a lot


I bet u use a wet toilet

U look like ur not in poverty

Oh, u disagree? What r u going to do, vote?


City folk

U never disposed of toxic masculinity u just hide it under being militant.

U look like u don't know how to cook bc u always expect the nearest woman to do it.

No wonder u r so shit. U prob expect women to change u rather than improving yourself.

No wonder cops like u

Have u finished ur experiment of learning all the different tastes of cop cum?

Ur prob a top who won't eat ass.

U think retweeting cash app links is praxis

The closest thing to mutual aid u have done is shout out mutual aid links

U brag about ur anarchist resume

U look like u would openly brag about crimes on social media.

U prob think going to jail is impressive.

Ur fav coping mechanism is lacing up those sneaks and running to a ballot.


U look like u pay rent

I bet ur not in welfare

I bet ur not on drugs

U try to cure ur white guilt by bribing random black people on twitter.

U couldn't grow a plant for a million dollars.

U prob think a vulva is a vagina.

Ur Straight



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Kinshavo wrote


I will probably steal this one

bet u use a wet toilet

Simply love it


fool wrote

U prob think a vulva is a vagina.

That's probably the funniest... But also a little ableist (it's another way of saying they're stupid)


Kinshavo wrote

Not sure, I read it as a way of saying to a male that he has poor anatomical knowledge and prob will never bother to know the difference.


fool wrote

A lack facility to put interest towards a very interesting and highly useful topic.

Sounds like an executive function problem. Probably lead to other issues if not treated properly, like confused aggressive behaviour.

But I did say only a little.