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annikastheory wrote (edited )

Probably posted enough about covid so three quick things about it, wife got it too, I am thankful for all the well wishes from you all, and what a way to enter the new year (its all uphill from here right?)

About a month or so ago my kiddo started telling stories. What she does now, once she is physically in her bed and the lights are off, she asks me to sit in the dark in her room with her. As soon as I sit down then she starts rattling off stories. They are usually combos of stories/videos she knows and things that happened during the day or other memories. Its become one of my favorite parts of the day.

My kiddo gave me a heartfelt apology earlier this week and my little heart melted. She has apologised before when something happens in the moment, like she knocks something over or steps on my feet that kind of thing. But this time was the first apology I've gotten for something after the fact. We were at the covid testing place for at least an hour and most of that was waiting in a line and trying to get her to keep a mask on. So understandably she gets antsy and upset and wants to run around and leave etc. and she starts whining a lot. Which I wasn't upset or nothing (I mean I wanted to whine too its boring to wait in line) and I was just goofy with her and tried to distract her from the boredom. When we got in the car after a little bit she says to me, "I'm sorry". I said, "What for?" and she said, "I am sorry for screaming at you at the Doctor."

So addicted to Terraria. Beat my second boss and I am working on gathering the pylons. Then going to prepare to take on Skeletron. Even the small map feels absolutely massive.


carrot wrote

that's really cute, i hope you're all well


carrot wrote

made some really yummy tomato soup yesterday, probably gonna make that more often now. it's funny, it's really good as soup but my family also all collectively agrees it'd be a good pasta sauce too lol


moonlune wrote

IDK how you do yours but a table spoon of sugar is my secret ingredient for tomato soup ;)


emoticons OP wrote

Feeling cute may be delete later

It was p cool to learning about the difference of the green anarchists, anticiv and primitivists. ig the solarpunks co opted green anarchism and split green anarchist to anti civ? but now I found bright green and dark green lol Is bright green is murray bookchin? bc


and I also saw some one had flaired them self a green anarcho-communist XD

but I read sticky /f/Tech/125480/destructive-production-can-we-really-expect-to-manufacture and was cool for see the production of complex tech like a computer or a car will need the organised division of labour. and How the pollutant could disseminate to community that is not wanting the complex tech

and im read first section of Against His-story and yes some difficult but fun. and A quote

If the !Kung visited our offices and factories, they might think we're playing. Why else would we be there?

The perspective of the possessed seeing our industry and they could thought it is a ludic mode of production uneases me.

Now I have saw some theory but what of my fire anarchy theory? Piss in the sink and wash you're hands in the toilet xD


ok could that!

but I do critique the credit card. It will do the record of all ur purchasings. terrible for opsec. I try now a day for using cash for pay ment but it is technology. and could that Technology will advance but leave ppl who use paper money behind

Is the credit card become the precursor to the NFT?

I'm also thought in the social anarchist and individual anarchists. there's Human connectedness and dependence but Toxic herd mentality and group think can be from the organisation. or the social hierarchy. but it could that I will read /w/CommunistFAQ for comprehending more of the social anarchists?

cool projects lately on raddle. SnowCode on gemini reminds of the tildeverse lol. is Kinshavo an AI secret? but now i need adjust my language parametrics :)

and Obvi I'm not gonna post my vegan cum meringue -- you can find it on my private social media can't link for OP SEC tho uwu -- but could that Ill post the recipe. but need more re search and more moments. as Do the meals I am will eat before the cum will affect the yummy taste? am i pregnant?

This is real comrade_pikachu and TonyTheAnarchist fanfiction :P


emoticons OP wrote

reading the /w/CommunistFAQ wasnt gave me that solve. nice reading tho but okie It couldve that i needs dismantle that hierarchies internal Yo peer the brain and dismantle the spooks, Why i am making a labelling problem when the accomplices we can will sharing an other investment. not the internal but the outer world. :)

yes The group animal but no tankies, I dislike the authoritarian and apologia, The workerists.

I wanting make more convo on raddle but i am not knowledge. to Feature an other Raddlers. but most I lurk, the question is given a solve from the better articulation on an other raddler. con dense who I am one to forward meaning and it me?

from The begin it was emoticons for the elusivity and medias re lease. needa update my spread sheet of words and acronym capitals. for Screen share, Im am hesitate bc the colours and fonts and spaces between words letters and paragraphs can do a steganography footprint of me. the pdf is become disreputable for this exact, How i will can have knowledge on the unique of my PDF?

maybe I can make human skin vegan satire. Wearable skinned human clothing and human furniture lol i had dreamings before Day to am become chase, the skin wielder. zines cut out words and stick to paper for hidden my writing physically :)

this Checked list, I wanting more Dismantle my internal hierarchies. but Enough of my meandering bickering, What of you ?? i see in u a kind person who cares for others and wanting a positive energies. capable and deserving of love! :3


potatoes wrote

Just got my third COVID-19 vaccine dose. Fuck Moderna for gouging people. Fuck Donald Trump for failing to negotiate a royalty free vaccine when he threw money at phrama companies.

Was traveling earlier this week. Just barely got back to town before some of the routes closed. Was quite an ordeal. Saw some dude smoking crack on public transport. He kept making eye contact with me and trying to speak to me. His voice was unintelligible. Sad to see it. He seemed really stuck.


fortifiedmischief wrote

Im on my second 1000 piece puzzle of the week. I feel content and also a little insane. Listening to The Brilliant podcast. quite nice.


potatoes wrote

puzzles are great. I got a cat yoga pose puzzle from my aunt for christmas.


subrosa wrote

Can't seem to get into the mood for any holiday. There never seems to be a whole lot to celebrate on such a scale, and in that light, the few glimpses of magic and social enjoyment we might get... seem like harsh reminders of how impoverished and boring our lives are the rest of the year. It's exhausting to ignore that feeling, I can't help it. Ah well, at least it's not someone's birthday.


friendly_raddler wrote

same. this year i gave up all pretenses of pretending to care for the holidays for others. no longer gonna be a party ornament, i'm going to embrace becoming a cantankerous old


bloodrose wrote

Happy New Year! I had the day off work so I was barely online today. I napped, played some Age of Empires today and spent a LOT of time in the kitchen. Food prices are going nuts here so I'm doing a LOT of work in the kitchen to try to cut down our food costs. Made the best tofu I've ever made tonight and it's a style my husband doesn't like. But it was sooooo good y'all, so he's wrong.


bloodrose wrote

Also, Colorado is on fucking fire right now. More people I know fleeing from fire. It's really harrowing.