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cdubose wrote (edited )

What would you recommend for conditioning and stuff to take? (I doubt I'm currently in any sort of shape to hike for 100s of miles.)

Also, do people take their families on the trail? I'm the main supporter for my household; I love the idea of going and doing this, but unless I can get my rent cancelled for those months and keep my family fed, comfortable, etc. it's not really a possibility for me right now


Odonian OP wrote

Definitely do a lot of research, YouTube is a great resource. I know lots of family’s have done it (maybe check out fightfortogether on YouTube although they’re a bit crazy) you don’t have to bring too much, you can spend lots of money on gear or very little depending on what you want. There’s also sponsorships you can apply for.

As far as getting ready just doing weekend or longer backpacking trips is the way to go, people overestimate the physical prep needed, you will gain trail legs as you go.

Overall there’s a million different ways to do it but watching some people’s journeys and a few instructional videos will teach you most of what you want to know, if you’ve never been backpacking obviously try a few shorter trips first. But people hiking along with you will help fill gaps in your knowledge too.