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RedEmmaSpeaks wrote

"They started their own place because they were being banned and relentlessly bullied by people whose views differ from them. Clearly they are the real monsters!"

:eyeroll: Whatever you do, don't pay attention to how the Right is hardly known for being free-speech absolutists and the Right can scream for the deaths of all who disagree with them and most will just laugh it off, no matter how many times it results in actual violence. The Left makes one critical remark regarding Trump and Secret Service is all over them. Because for all their whinging and whining, the Right is made up of the most entitled, coddled Special Snowflakes ever. It's a reoccurring them with them; it's not enough for them to have everything, if they can't have the tears of losers as well. Hence why they carry on about being the most persecuted demographic ever! despite controlling all three branches of government and having enough money to buy and sell the world ten times over.