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MisterDoctorProfessorX wrote

Quote from article

If you aren’t challenged by ideas different to yours you cannot hope to grow as an individual. This concept that mere words can equate to a real harm that must be avoided at all cost is equally troubling.


BlackFlagged wrote (edited )

What's your point shitstain?


MisterDoctorProfessorX wrote

No point, fellow shitstain. Just an interesting quote.


mofongo wrote

Are you calling their position ironic?


GrimWillow wrote

Judging by their post history, and by them describing their post as "Just an interesting quote." I'm going to go with u/MisterDoctorProfessorX is not calling the position ironic and is probably a fash sympathizer if not a straight up white supremecist.


mofongo wrote

I have to agree and if he beimg dominican is true, is just sadder. The internalized whiteness there is ridiculous but the rising number of fash is unexpected considring that being mulatto, 'mix of three races' is part of the national identity. The depths these people would go to just to hate haitians just a bit more.