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BlackFlagged wrote

Omfg. He thinks we're liberals.


zombie_berkman wrote

But Obama is a liberal communist socialist so it makes sense. Also wtf is that site, ive never heard of it in my life


GrimWillow wrote (edited )

Ok, lets see...

Originally called Raddit, the site now dubbed Raddle, claims to give “people control over their own community.” On their own history page, they claim the site was built around the principles of “direct democracy and freedom of association.” Funny then that they also claim Raddle stands apart from other online communities in that it “will always have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to Fascist ideas and bigotry.”

I honestly feel like when you kick out all the fascists that troll the shit out of communities, and create a safe space for a community that doesn't get represented on the net enough, it actually does help give us more control of the community. Just because we're Anarchists, it doesn't mean that we won't manage communication platform technology that needs a hierchy to function. lol, I bet they also claim using Linux is hypocritical because of its file structure...this statement is a testament to how little they've actually read about Anarchism. Online spaces are a lot more like a media publication. As long as the means to access the media is free, you would have the precious free speech (which we don't anyway, considering that the back bone of it is owned, throttled, manufactured, and managed by corporations. You want free speech? Fight the corporations, and yourself if you're a fascist.)

Once again we are faced with the strange reality of self-described Liberals acting like Authoritarian minded Fascists, all in the name of somehow crushing Fascism.

Self described liberals?? Fuck liberals. Where do they get this shit from? And denying fascists to have a platform here would help crush fascist's involvement with the place. Once again we are faced with the strange reality of self-described free-speechers who really believe in being authoritarian minded fascists, all in the name of calling out...fascism??

<An image is displayed showing a college student beating a person on the ground with a sign that says "TOLERANCE" and the person on the ground is wearing a jacket that says "FREE SPEECH".>

Since when would we ever want to fight for tolerance?? I've always heard them make fun of liberal tolerance, which we hate too, but to conflate it with us is just...strange. I don't tolerate fascists (who incidently don't actually care about free speech really), and "tolerance" has got to be one of the dumbest things to fight for...

what Raddle really offers is simply just a safe space for economic Leftists, that don’t want the mental burden of being challenged on their beliefs or ideals online.

Translation: "I don't understand who raddle is for, and I hate that I can't troll the shit out them and fill their space with more bullshit."

Only to them is their belief challenging ours, when it's more about the fact that we will never agree on vertical forms of organizing, especially ones based around white-supremecy and patriarchy. There's no conversation to be had there, if you believe in that shit, fuck you. It's especially bad to believe that shit and simultaneously ignore the fact that this society is already a white supremecist patriarchy and acting like the white male is the real victim. There is no debate, stop spreading your ignorant ideas that have horrible consequences for the real victims, or we will stop you.

It’s the left instead who continue to ban the actual exchange of ideas on places like college campuses, and when that fails, take to simply voluntarily removing themselves from the discussion.

Oh yea? We kicked ourselves off of red*it? And all the oppression against Anarchists in history is not forcing us out? Get real assholes.

Ultimately, as is usually the case with articles written from misinformed shitbags, this article hinges on the belief that there was ever free speech in the US. It even has a quote from washington. If you assholes really believe in free speech, then you should have been more concerned with Cointelpro, the ludlow massacre, haymarket square, or the numerous other examples of labor organizers and state dissenters being targetted and censored. You would be more concerned over the ominous intentions to curtail and control speech that fascists have. You would be more concerned over the immense litigous action against groups that disagree with police as an institution and favoring of groups that agree with them. But no, of course it's to blame when they try to have a place that isn't flooded by the ocean of ideas from a propoganda machine that justifies horror so that we can actually have a place on the net to speak from an otherwise marginalized lens.


moon_princess wrote

What's really funny is that this site was started largely because of a crackdown on leftist users of Reddit. It was never an attempt to escape ideas or people that we didn't like. They were kicking us out and attacking us because they wanted to shut down what we were saying.


__deleted_____ wrote

It's also worth noting that fash subs on reddit ban anyone critical of their fascism. They always whine about 'left snowflake circlejerks' but they're so much worse.


BabyCroc wrote

Awwwwwwww so precious!!! It actually thinks fascists have 'ideas'!!!! You guys soooo cuuuuute


RedEmmaSpeaks wrote

"They started their own place because they were being banned and relentlessly bullied by people whose views differ from them. Clearly they are the real monsters!"

:eyeroll: Whatever you do, don't pay attention to how the Right is hardly known for being free-speech absolutists and the Right can scream for the deaths of all who disagree with them and most will just laugh it off, no matter how many times it results in actual violence. The Left makes one critical remark regarding Trump and Secret Service is all over them. Because for all their whinging and whining, the Right is made up of the most entitled, coddled Special Snowflakes ever. It's a reoccurring them with them; it's not enough for them to have everything, if they can't have the tears of losers as well. Hence why they carry on about being the most persecuted demographic ever! despite controlling all three branches of government and having enough money to buy and sell the world ten times over.


tnstaec wrote

Prepare for another wave of fash trolls.


[deleted] wrote (edited )


christobal wrote

Wait, since when was conservatism counterculture? Did I miss a bulletin somewhere?


[deleted] wrote (edited )


christobal wrote

I have to ask myself if these people actually believe what they are saying, or if it's purely to seem more edgy.


Enkara wrote

This was a fun read, lol


000 wrote

Free speech is OK. Hate speech is not. Real simple!


JazzSpeedruns wrote

Pretty sure we left because we can't say bash the fash there anymore.


Defasher wrote

The best part is when the writer gets all angery over a user being named after Marx.


MisterDoctorProfessorX wrote

Quote from article

If you aren’t challenged by ideas different to yours you cannot hope to grow as an individual. This concept that mere words can equate to a real harm that must be avoided at all cost is equally troubling.


BlackFlagged wrote (edited )

What's your point shitstain?


MisterDoctorProfessorX wrote

No point, fellow shitstain. Just an interesting quote.


BlackFlagged wrote

How would being called a commie fa**ot help me grow as an individual? How will being told I should be marched into a gas chamber help me grow as an individual, shitstain?


mofongo wrote

Are you calling their position ironic?


GrimWillow wrote

Judging by their post history, and by them describing their post as "Just an interesting quote." I'm going to go with u/MisterDoctorProfessorX is not calling the position ironic and is probably a fash sympathizer if not a straight up white supremecist.


mofongo wrote

I have to agree and if he beimg dominican is true, is just sadder. The internalized whiteness there is ridiculous but the rising number of fash is unexpected considring that being mulatto, 'mix of three races' is part of the national identity. The depths these people would go to just to hate haitians just a bit more.