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Tecate_Coyote wrote

"Psychopathy" isn't recognized by the DSM-V, it would fall under the Anti-Social Personality Disorder.


lettuceLeafer OP wrote (edited )

This is false

Plus the DSM 5 Is one very important document is psychology. Even if it wasn't mentioned in the DSM 5 psychopathy is still a studied disorder that is considered real. Hell, linked below I talked about a diagnostic model to diagnose psychopathy for psychiatrists in this very thread.

So 1 you are wrong about it not being in the DSM 5

2 You wrongly state this claim to prove that psychology doesn't view psychopathy as a real disorder which is also false

  1. Plus you seem to not know why psychopathy wasn't originally included in the DSM 5

Silly take on many more counts.


Tecate_Coyote wrote

Your comment comes across as quite hostile and defensive- did you intend that or am I misinterpreting it?

Psychopathy isn't a diagnosis. Psychopathic traits, under the umbrella of Anti-Social Personality Disorder, do indeed exist, I never said that they didn't. The second source you quoted backs this up- "For the very first time, the APA recognized psychopathy as a “specifier” of clinical antisocial personality disorder in the DSM-5, although psychopathy is still not an officially accepted clinical diagnosis." (paragraph 14)

You're putting words in my mouth that I never said and it feels like an underhanded argumentative tactic. You linked two sources, an abstract to a paper about the validity of psychopathic assessments (No white paper though, did you link this just to show that psychopathic assessments exist?) and another that explains psychopathy, some assessments, and that it is a condition for being diagnosed with Anti-Social Personality Disorder.

So in essence, what are you trying to argue with me about? Nothing I have said is "false" as you put it. Maybe this is a misunderstanding, perhaps I should have written, if I intended to be more accurate, "Psychopathy is not recognized as a diagnosis by the DSM-V, it falls under Anti-Social Personality Disorder"