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So for a while now I have had suspicion about alts being used to drum up drama. At this point in time I'm extremely confident I know who all or at least most of the alts are and person or people is making them. Now I hope that I'm one of the few people being targeted and not most other people. Tho I think that might not be true. So I decided to share my knowledge in how I help deal with these abusive actors. One thing I have to mention is they have become far more insidious in their behavior specifically targeting my nuerodivergence. For example I have openly talked about my struggles with psychosis and being in periods where I'm extremely vulnerable to conspiracies such as believing your friends are family are all plotting together to hurt me. So what do I get messaged today? About how a "someone looking out for me" telling me how multiple raddle users I get along with for years are actually in a group chat together plotting against me and talking horrible about me behind my back.

I think me being a target of this kind of attack is of no coincidence. They straight up ripped my struggle with nurodivergence and tried to use it against me. The day after i started talking about how I was thinking about I was struggling again trying to keep my mood stable. Now I'm find and in a pretty good place so I didn't buy it. Well, I actually did give the idea some merit until I realized the user is on my list of know alts.

So I think its pretty important at this point to share all my tips if abusive actors are literally keeping tack of users disabilities and trying to use that as a way to manipulate them to try n drum up drama. Sadly I think my tips will become no longer useful and the abuser clearly spends lots of time at this and will almost certainly adapt.

  1. Does the user seem quite uninterested in anarchism and mostly talk about unrelated topics?

  2. Does an account have an quite obscure hobby that is shared with another user and bother users have similar skill levels?

  3. Does a user only come out when raddle drama happens?

  4. When drama happens is a users purpose to defend one specific user and attack anyone who ?

  5. Does the user keep trying to get you talk in DMs rather than publicly ?

  6. Does a user not really talk to you but will DM u to drum up drama?

  7. Does a user have the most lukewarm liberal ideology with similar takes to the only other person with a milkwarm liberal ideology?

  8. Does a user have a specific fascination with talking about how horrible users that have left the site are?

  9. Have the accounts been made at the same time or after the person you think makes the accounts joined raddle?

  10. Does the user try to present them as your friend even though you havn't really talked to them at all?

  11. Are you on friendly terms with a user until you disagree with them on an issue on drama then they do nothing but talk about how horrible you are and now a bunch of accounts that never talk are saying how horrible you are. Or alternatively is an account that rarely talks now DMing you to try and become your friend?

  12. Does the user DM u everytime you do anything but criticize ziq?

  13. Does the user nonironically sow the idea that ziq is actively using alts and is actually the one trying to manipulate you?

  14. Also is an account telling you about how the user that you think is making the alts is actually drumming up drama against you. What I'm trying to say is the one I suspect of making the alts not only uses alts to agree with them and attack those who are anything but loyal followers but will make alt account to attack them, sow conspiracies about them to provide evidence of ziq being an abuser who uses alts?

  15. Ask them to make their claims of conspiracies publicly. They won't do it as it will mess up their plans.

  16. Do they want to be friends with you but only privately?

FYI I have no doubt in my mind that ziq isn't doing this. Just to be clear.

I will mention this. The abusive actor or actors strategy relies on DMs to sow distrust and hates talking publicly as it is impossible for them to use their tactics of abuse without people talking about drama in DMs or private chatrooms. So I think its quite important to not discuss drama in DMs. I have made this mistake before but I think its necessary to stop fueling this abusers behavior. Especially now that they are openly targeting the nurodivergent. This particular actor or actors rely on pushing different narratives. It is impossible for them to do a lot of their abusive behavior if enough users refuse to discuss drama privately then we all have the same info of whats going on. Rather than everyone being fed differing narratives for the seemingly purpose of everyone to think we are out to get each other. You clearly don't have to do it but I would really appreciate it plus I think its quite important to help prevent users from this abusive behavior. To be clear I'm not complaining about DMs for other things just like leave the discussion of wow X user is being really horrible to Y users. Or if someone is talking about how another person is making alt accounts just do it publicly.



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ziq wrote (edited )

she tried to copjacket you in this post even tho you're talking about your mental health struggles... an admin deleted it

i got just as fucked up yesterday from her bullshit

enough is enough, i banned her

Edit: turns out she deleted her account right as I banned her but the server took a while to process it. great way to hide the trail of destruction so the next set of raddlers a year from now can be huckstered all over again


ziq wrote

also banned the other person saying they're an alt and calling you anarchist police

no more copjacketing on this site, it's fucking toxic


cidade wrote

At this point in time I'm extremely confident I know who all or at least most of the alts are and person or people is making them

I wouldn't waste my time on playing the anarchist police, it will make you more paranoid.

Does the user nonironically sow the idea that ziq is actively using alts and is actually the one trying to manipulate you?

They did. I'm OK with that, but I don't have enough free time to play the Stirner role of The Maxtrix. Can you guess whose alt I am? I've been around longer than most of you, but very inactive during this year. By the way, u/ziq writes great essays!


Tankie_McTank wrote

Greeting comrade!

Finally someone with common sense!

These scums with obscure hobbies deserve the gulag!

May the Revolution be with you.

-- Tankie McTank (the people's secret police)


lettuceLeafer OP wrote

Ah the classic abuser trick to portray your victims as ridiculous and nonsensical when they dare to publicly say what u do.


ziq wrote

Same toxic gaslighting happened to me yesterday when I called her fanclub out for enabling her