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SnowCode OP wrote

No what is Siddhartha?


Tecate_Coyote wrote

Siddhartha is originally a german poem written by Herman Hesse and based on the early life of the Buddha. It is easy to read and the grammatical structures have a flow to them that present an image without getting so wordy you're lost in it. I run into a lot of texts like that when I'm trying to read theory or spirituality.

But as far as what Siddhartha is about- it is a story of a human. The main character, Siddhartha, is easy to relate to and the story follows him from a young boy to an old man. Siddhartha is believably written and isn't a Mary Sue. He makes mistakes, learns, and refines his goals in life.

I love the book. If you're feeling lost in an uncaring society and disconnected from the real world as I was, and still do often feel, this book momentarily feels like an inspiring map that can lead to a new perspective on life.