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flingwingin wrote

I wish I had energy, was able to be social, stop taking everything personally, etc. I feel extremely weak.


First off, realize that energy comes from motivation to act, not just meaning "willpower" but also biochemically, you get pumped for something or motivated, this is cortisol and adrenaline and dopamine etc. So you have to deal with your philosophical problems first, before the "practical" ones. (if you need to work to survive though, obviously it'll suck but i suggest you do it as surviving is pretty fun once you work things out)

Second, to be social you have to stop caring about people. The more you care and regard them, the more they weigh on you. But this is a VERY HARD thing since one piece isn't so obvious - you need to also develop a solid and correct ontology (not based on regressing into enforcing a particular identity, but having some identity to call your own - I'm not mincing words here either, there is no middle ground to find here, the only way out of the bind is forward) in order to pull apart what is you from what is other people. But some advice - people are all cute and nasty little gremlins. You and everyone else. If you can consistently recall this, you at least won't be hurt so much.

I'm on the same journey as you though, maybe a little farther along so far if you're a neet, but shit's hard.... everyone wants what you want, and all respectable citizens, organizations, government, businesses, etc. want you to NOT have autonomy. So good luck, if I find a secret money tree I'll message you. The only thing to do now is whatever you need to do, and then begin on advancing the science of how to live without work. What i can say also is that dumpster diving does not work as well as it once did, now everything is trash compactors and locked shit. Be ready to face an uphill battle --

The social system's way of existing is to funnel people from birth into it's workplaces to fuel it's body and flows of energy. So if you want to resist this, you have no other choice but to be an enemy of society, and find some way to exist contrary to the megamachine. I'm not saying it's either work or illegalism, but it's either submit to the logic of society and lose your autonomy in order to serve as a nerve cell (if you're lucky) of Leviathan, or somehow derive your sustenance and value out of your surroundings... which all happen to already be owned, regulated, etc.

(also read Gooseberries by Chekhov (it's a short story), it's so good on this point - i know so many people who want a way out of work but end up putting themselves in the trap of working within the system to get out, and it's an old and dirty trick that has been happening for centuries. Don't fall for it.)


lettuceLeafer wrote

I partially support, some advice is good while other is bad and some is alright with a bit weird connotation. Though I think OP taking some of this comment to heart is a gud idea


flingwingin wrote

i partially thank you, and maybe with some weird connotation, etc. ;)

what parts do you like and disagree with?


nulloperation wrote

I disagree with this:

Second, to be social you have to stop caring about people.

Seems like terrible advice.


hunger wrote

when you care so much about people in general, you're making yourself constantly vulnerable to all of their remarks, their glances, their emotional state, etc. The most pro-social people i see are the rich.... and they keep themselves segregated from and mentally block out anyone doing poorly, and most people dont have the guts to tell them how fucked they are to their face. They're insulated. But for most people, you have to deal with fucked people being shitbags, and with normal people being so distant to you, and innumerable pains. If you stop caring for people as a whole, and look at people as fundamentally flawed, then you can really see them for what they are.

People dont exist to themselves how they exist to us. We should recognize and accept this. Behind their clothes, their face, and their eyes, there might be nothing going on, pure observation, or a single thought, etc. They have a personal mythos but theyre tired of it like you're probably tired of your social masks too. What you believe they believe about themselves is probably wrong. We should see people for what they are, by not seeing people anymore but animals, lonely, treated like work horses or show dogs, who can communicate and all have to construct themselves as a "person" in communication with others. If we see people for what they are, we can love individuals all the more.

The most misanthropic people i know are survivors of huge abuse. They were forced to care very very much about other people, because their life depended on it. Fuck people, they're shit, and i accept that every one of us, myself and my friends (who i love) too are shit and crazy and fucked up and really just animals behind it all. When you can see the flaws, you can judge on their own how you want to care. Most of the time the flaws dont matter to you so you can be like "that person is trouble so i should stay away", etc., and you can even love someone for all their flaws too.

When we care about people so much we have to put them in categories of good or bad, or "the neutral masses" maybe but we can't help but place them somewhere in our mind. When we regard people as insignificant, fucked up, etc. by default, we have no obligation to pay them any more heed than thinking about navigating them in the present, and we can have much more honest views of people that gives room for more compassion/forgiveness and also more room for understanding the flaws of those closest to us and ourselves.