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lettuceLeafer wrote

I would say most investing is far worse than just funding colonial projects. Becoming a shareholder of companies you become one of the many owners who orders the CEO to make the most profit regardless of what u do. Let's say investing in exon you are one of the many people who are the direct cause of the Iraq war due to you sending the order to make money no matter what. Exon CEO follows that order to get a fat bonus and decides to send lobbyists to drum up a war so exon can pump more oil.

Investing is being the cause of aom of the most horrible shit in the world like imperialism, sweat shops, war, climate change ect. With the minimization of causing such immense suffering due to diffusement of responsibility and so many other owners and only owning a small chunk.

I mostly invest in index funds of top US companies. I.e. betting that the US empire will continue to persist and will prop up massive companies. A very reliable and profitable bet yet a bet which is a small cause of the most horrific things in the world.


annikastheory wrote

Well you certainly don't sugar coat it (I was a little). I still have to figure out where I stand exactly on such things. I am trying to find the balance between surviving inside of a system I am forced to be a part and not actively perpetuating said system. I appreciate your perspective.


lettuceLeafer wrote

I find investing to be a incredibly interesting in deciding what they best move would be from an anarchist perspective. I could see people going either way. Love to hear what ur thoughts r when it's more fleshed out