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atoe wrote

i say quit the drudgery, dissolve that stress . negate those imposter systems. it is a distraction from one's quest of healthy relationship .

instead, remember affinity, encourage autonomy, actualize solidarity. defend yourself.

there is much potential possibility it can be so distracting. go carefully, bend time. believe in you help others agitate for joy. be contagious


moonlune wrote

go vegan maybe?


CameronNemo wrote

And prefer to shop local generally. Including in season locally grown produce.


flingwingin wrote

shoplift locally to own the unrevolutionary Economist co-op nerds and petite-bourg-sympathizing class collaborationists 🤫


moonlune wrote

although I wouldn't count veganism as praxis. It's just something you do/are.


Pax wrote

Depends what your community needs and desires.


Majrelende wrote

For me, increasing reliance on the land for my needs: right now, foraging for vegetables, and tending gardens for the gaps that foraging doesn't fill.


lettuceLeafer wrote

U said the most easy thing to do so I guess be gender queer and change how u think about stuff to less oppressive ways.

U did say most feasible


MHC wrote

"drudgery, and day to day stress" Try Buddhism.