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snack wrote

i just read something on children's media consumption - the text argued that media consumption is dependent on different things, like age, time of day, environment etc - and one of those categories was the parents level education

and i mean why? i know you read that kind of thing often, but in this case especially it seemed almost non-nonsensical to me. because what does it suggest? that a parent without a certain educational degree doesn't know that reading to the child before bed might be better that random youtube videos? bullshit. that is one class shit-talking another class, mostly in texts, which the latter has no access to (because i mostly read about such things for college or work related stuff), and therefore is never gonna read.

why not look at it from a different angle, like the parents working conditions? say that it's dependent on how much the parents are being exploited to afford to live. how tired they are, when they get home from work and how much energy they have left to be patient with their kids, or whether one parent earns enough so that the other can look after the child's media consumption. end of rant i guess


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snack wrote

yeah, true. or that there is only one form of intelligence, or a somehow superior way to be intelligent