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metocin wrote (edited )

Have to write a 9 page essay for my pol theory class. I have a full outline with notes and everything made but I'm so exhausted from working on it and not sleeping enough this past week. I'm diagnosed with ADHD and it takes me such a long time to get things done. At least I am interested in the topic, the prompt I chose has me defending the concept of ideology and using two ideologies that we have covered to form my argument. Luckily we covered Anarchism and Green ideology so I'm basically writing an essay on green anarchy which is cool. I might have to miss work later to finish it on time which is stressful because money is tight and my partner hasn't been making as much lately due to their mental health struggles brought on by work load from their classes.

I love being back in school but I can't wait for this semester to be over. I'm so drained and I haven't been eating as good as usual, and I haven't had time to exercise or read stuff that's not class related.