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annikastheory wrote

The most amazing bit about this is that he was able to plop down and just build a cabin on someone else's land and the landowner was just chill about it.

Ken walked the length of Britain and was at Rannoch in the Scottish Highlands when he suddenly thought of his parents and started to cry. "I cried all the way while walking," he says. "I thought where is the most isolated place in Britain?" Ken tells the documentary. "I went around and followed every bay and every Ben where there wasn't a house built. "Hundreds and hundreds of miles of nothingness. I looked across the loch and saw this woodland." He knew he had found the place he wanted to stay. Ken says that was the point when he stopped crying and ended his constant wandering. He set about building a log cabin, having first experimented on the design by using small sticks. Four decades on, the cabin has a roaring log fire but no electricity, gas or running water - and definitely no mobile phone signal.

He also had a stroke and continues his life mostly as before.

The head stalker of the estate, who looks after the forest where Ken lives, has been bringing him food every couple of weeks, which he pays for from his pension.

"People these days have been very good to me," Ken says.

he says he is not worried about his future. "We weren't put on earth forever," Ken says. "I'll stop here until my final days come, definitely." "I have had lots of incidents but I seem to have survived them all. "I am bound to go ill again sometime. Something will happen to me that will take me away one day as it does for everybody else. "But I'm hoping I'll get to 102."