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rot wrote

is a word avalanche just an all alliteration sentence?


annikastheory OP wrote (edited )

Not necessarily. The really good ones usually aren't, mine are pretty low quality and you might make an argument that some of mine don't really qualify as word avalanches at all but more tongue twisters. The one I actually posted to this sub is definitely not one.

Its more about things that sort of sound similar. So where I say "Balaclava baklava" that combo is pretty good (but not perfect). or how "let us" sounds like "lettuce" things like that.

take one of the top posts on the reddit.

It talks about a convict that trains birds to send messages is arrogant and looks down on people. who also happens to be going down the stairs. So he is a:

condor-sending condescending con descending. (the actual word avalanche is much much longer)

Or another top one on reddit "How do you describe the concept of innocence?"

In essence, innocence is no sins ... in a sense.

a really old one is:

Buffalo Buffalo buffalo Buffalo Buffalo.