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Starting at like 7 I would count out the change and tell the cashier's if they gave the wrong change. Whenever it would happen my parents would be like it's fine and tell the cashier's not to worry about it. But I would be so fucking indignant that the cashier's would fix it anyway even if I was wrong.

At like 9-10 and inwards I would constantly bother my mom to set it up so I can day trade my allowance. She never let me lol. Funnily enough investment companies don't have a great set up so children can invest without their parents giving them setting up the account for them.

After this frustration I would try to find underage people who wanted to make Minecraft servers and I would offer to pay the server costs for a large portion of the servers motivation profit usually 80 to 100 percent. I never did it bc non of the middle schoolers were serious enough about the servers rate of return so I could make money.

I started a small e commerce business that only lost money. Oh and I was pissed that child labor was illegal.



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annikastheory wrote (edited )

At like 9-10 and inwards I would constantly bother my mom to set it up so I can day trade my allowance.

Sounds like you were ten times more financially literate than I was. I kept putting my Christmas money into bonds as a kid. Had a good chuckle at myself when I finally cashed them a few years ago.

Edit: I also got hustled by another kid trying to do a video game trading business.


rot wrote

i never had money as a kid wtf


annikastheory wrote

I never did either except on Christmas and my birthday. I had grandparents and a couple older relatives that would just give money instead of getting gifts.


SnowCode wrote

Lmao. When did you change and what made you change your mind?


lettuceLeafer OP wrote

I havent changed that much. I still greedy af but am cognizant of how shit like investing in big companies really ducks people over especially in undeveloped countries.

I do hate hierarchy a lot more to I have no desire to have employees or anything.

Sure I can critique the system but working to make lots of cash is fun and the companies are going to exist either way so I might as well use my greed for fun and to fund cool projects.

Yes I get a lot of blow back for my views especially by the more leftists anarchists.