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annikastheory wrote

Also there is a video my kid likes to watch that just give me such a weird feeling. Not in like a bad way but just borderline surreal. Like something about it makes me feel unreal. Anyway I feel like I have to share it with someone so here. If you watch it through the 2 minute mark you'll get a good feel for what its like.

There is also this kid's book that lowkey makes me feel like a cannibal called "The Skin you Live in?" . I linked the title to a video of the author reading it. Just check out the part at about 1:50.


moonlune wrote (edited )

The author's beard and tshirts fade into each other and it looks like a fake paper beard lol


loukanikos wrote

Yeah there is something lowkey disturbing about the rhythm and format of that cartoon. I did not like it...