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mofongo OP wrote

Reply to comment by ab5 in Friday Free Talk: 22/10/2021 by mofongo

Not manga, but there's a web comic I enjoy a lot, UnOrdinary. Technically shonen, but quite nice.

There's Chainsaw man and Jujutsu Kaisen, they're sold as shounen but might as well be Seinen. Their representation of women is very cool.

Abandoning the male oriented stuff, i don't know if there's a manga but the Little Witch Academia anime is amazing.


moonlune wrote (edited )

The last few episodes of unordinary's last season were wild!

Now that I you make me think of it, there are a ton of not (so) sexist slice of life webtoons.

Anarasumanara is one of my favorites and only ~40 chapters long.