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Vulgar_Soda wrote

Reply to comment by ab5 in Friday Free Talk: 22/10/2021 by mofongo

most of them seem to be problematic one way or another

I'm starting to accept that most entertainment out there is problematic. but of course it is! Most people are fucked up, and art is nothing more than a reflection of an artist's worldview. I'm still trying to figure out where to draw the line. I love One Piece, even if I cringe at all the tit monsters and the way in which queer people are portrayed as creepy jokes.

I'm playing through Pokémon Black 2, and I'm embarrassed by the racism. Oh, boy we finally have a black female gym leader and, oh, she's a mammy stereotype. The rest of the black NPCs are basketball and football players. The later games get better in this respect, I suspect due to the hiring of fresh devs and a recognition that the series has gone beyond Japanese children.

I had some friends almost shit themselves when I called out Lord of the Rings as an "ode to whiteness." They didn't understand how. I still went to a ren fair the other week and got drunk dressed as a pirate. Gotta love cheesy, generic fantasy.

I enjoyed reading Chainsawman. Depending on where you draw the line, you might enjoy the manga too.


ab5 wrote

Yes, I understand. But sometimes it's nice to discover some "pure" stories that, at least, try to avoid the most common issues in media.

I've just read about the ending of Usagi Drop and it's sickening; I'd love to avoid things like that.