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Everyone that I care about will die. all my friend and neighbors and family and parents. I am awake on a day ahead far far moment when all my friends are gone. and will become drop in a hole some place. I know my friends are not some body in a hole, They mean alot more on me but. make a friend and lose a friend!!

and Parents mine who did care from my baby to today are going. I can see the age on their faces and the age in their voices and the age in their walk. slow They are become weaken. and i shake when nothing can do nothing help

and Everyone that cares about me will see me die. and After they're too die Also i am not wanting them to feeling my feeling. They cares on me but i will die will leave them

Time is the destroyer of worlds. I am cast in the shadow of pure annihilation. Every thing ends one moment there is nothing become. and every one will all forget it

but i dont want coerce any body to remember me, i am nothing.

also I am not think death is not good or good. but Death is not care what I am think on it. and it will me feel unhappy for either what I am think on it

also I am not wanting coerce any body life. example When they are choosed death i am not wanting coerce them when they are hurted and want die But other example they are not chose death Am i wanting coerce them life because I care about them? it unhappy me to look them gone but i am not wanting make the choose or coerce life for them. Them or Time are say what is the choice.

and every second before is a second burn in flame, The moments are not infinity. the last second are get burnt some place far future and the flame extinguish. you die. and The workerist of capitalism productivity could me not have enough moments with friends and neighbors and family. also could technology is isolationed me already?

and it is not for people too I care on the planet and it is get death now!!! and already there is forget. and Some times i think, civilization is not end with a bang, but maybe i will. The condition is future and worse and worse and worse but no bangs

Thank you for have read this. Please be kind to yourself and i am sorry read is unhappy. I need drink water now, when write this all my cry was make my throat dry And for you have advise, even if am not listen on the advise i hope this post can help others Maybe they are listen you <3



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