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Tequilx_Wolf wrote (edited )

Just wanted to stop by here to say thanks to u/CoryImmediatism for making so much stuff available for us to listen to. You are easy to listen to also, which is not often the case for people with US accents in my experience.

I've been wanting to read Corrosive Consciousness since it came out but never been able to get a copy out here - it was good to be able to finally get to it.

It was overall good btw. I think he managed to write without engaging the more contentious elements of his own politics in a way that overall strengthened the piece.

Gonna finally read Stirner's Critics next.


CoryImmediatism wrote

Thank you so much for all the positive feedback. This is very meaningful and helps motivate me. I'm supposed to do another book on Stirner in a few weeks, so you might like that one.


kinshavo wrote

We don't say enough, but Immediatism is the best anarchist reading out there ❤️

And your pace of releasing new episodes is astonishing... When I am working afternoons usually I pick one the episodes and just let it goes to the next and the next.. I discovered many good stuff there (Bruno Filippi for example, so nice)


Twoeyes wrote

Woo, Cory appreciation time!

I probably post links to Immediatism enough that people might think I'm involved with the podcast somehow.

I don't think I would have come quite so far down, the rabbit hole without your work. It is very much appreciated by me.